I Believe in You

You are enough

You are valuable

You are awesome

I Believe in You

I will listen to you

I will inspire

and support you

I won't give up on you

I Believe in You

You are not alone

We are in this together

We are a team

I Believe in You

inspiration from dimi

You need More Balance in your life.
More Time.
To get rid of the negative thinking
To believe in yourself more
You need to overcome the fears
that are holding you back from taking action
and achieving your goals and dreams.

I'm here to help you




Dimi's coaching has given me the push I needed. In a few short months, she moved me from paralysis to action: I'm now writing a travel memoir, posting videos on YouTube, giving my career a reboot, and doing all the things I was afraid to do.

Dimi is gentle but firm. She has techniques to help you expand your view of the world, face your fears, and get things done. Most important, she personalizes her approach to suit each client. She helps you identify your own goals and barriers, craft your own empowering messages, and set your own unique course.

Coaching sessions with Dimi are an investment that pays off tenfold. Go for it!

Gabrielle Bauer, Canada

Dimi is an outstanding coach who has helped me in so many ways. I am 100% certain that because of Dimi, I am a better Husband and Father as well as more effective in my career and health. I also now have great clarity on my values, priorities and goals in all the important areas of my life. In addition, Dimi has greatly helped transform my entire life outlook to be centered around gratitude and love.

I believe that Dimi cares deeply about helping me become the best version of myself. Every session, I am impressed how well-prepared Dimi is and so I feel highly valued. It is clear that Dimi goes the extra mile and always inspires me. Dimi is thoughtful, easy to get along with, engaging, and I look forward to our sessions each week!

I am extremely grateful to have found Dimi - an incredibly talented coach!

Eric Weinstein, New York

Dimi, you inspire me more than you know.

The Bible says iron sharpens iron. I count myself fortunate to be acquainted to you. When I joined this group, I was at low, a dream that I had been working hard for 3 years came crashing to my face.

I was scared of dreaming and hoping, but your prompts and your demands for accountability gave me the inner strength to get back on my feet.

Any success I achieve this year is dedicated to you.

"Your engagement and attitude are contagious Dimi, that will take you far in life" -

Brian Tracy

My story


In everyone lies a little Hero,

who just 
tries to make us believe, hope

and love 
‘cause the things that move

the world forward are 
Faith, Hope and Love 
This strength,

this fire is in yourself 
You must just believe! 

Don’t give up! You are strong

to survive 
You are strong to get over 
You are the Hero 
In yourself burns a little flame

of Hope, which must be 
to shine on and 
warm your heart 

When you don’t have 
luck and you are sad, alas 
Don’t ever lose

Faith, Hope and Love 

You are the Hero 
If you just Believe, Hope and Love 

You are strong to get over 
You are strong to survive 

Every cloud has a silver lining 
You must just discover it 
You must just believe! 
The beauty lies inside yourself 
The Hero lies in you!


written by Dimi


Inspiration from Dimi

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