Has this happened to you, too?


You have an amazing product or service.

But it’s difficult for you to sell it at a good price.

Or worse, you don’t have sales at all.


You are great at what you do.

But you suck at sales.

Or at least, that’s what you think.


You can’t define your niche.

You procrastinate on your dreams

- What if I get it wrong again? Fear. Paralyzing.

I'm here to help you with all of that.


My name's Dimi Martins.


I'm a professional copywriting coach. A certified life coach.

I help women entrepreneurs attract their ideal clients with the power of copywriting.

What is copywriting? - Copywriting is revealing the main pain or desire of your target audience, provoking strong emotions and desire to buy. No serious sales can be made without copywriting.

How Everything Started

One day, I looked myself in the mirror and what to see? - An amazing coach, certified, is on social media, even has a website.

- 😓 Why is every month a struggle? How to find new clients? - I asked myself with a tired voice.


I want to have a steady stream of clients. Finally to have the coaching business I've always dreamed about.

I buried my face in my hands.

My heart was in pain.

​- Was everything in vain? All of those years of struggle. I know I can help people. Why is it so difficult to find clients?

All of a sudden, the loud voice of my father interrupted me:

- Stop chasing this dream! You see, for how many years you've been struggling. It simply doesn't work.

- You do not understand me - I was on the verge of crying. It's my mission.

- What's your mission? To give free sessions, waste money on FB ads and eat only bread and butter?

He was staring at me without blinking.

- Come on. Get a real job, girl!

💔 His bitter words pierced my heart.

-It's difficult to make it without any support - I couldn't restrain my tears anymore. Please, give me some encouragement. I have two clients this month.

- Yeah. I know - his face was stern, even a little melancholy. From time to time, you may get lucky. But your luck isn't enough to feed us.

- I know - I sighed deeply. The tears were rolling down, now freely on my face.

Suddenly the phone rang.

- Dimi - I heard the sweet singing voice of a woman. I'm calling to remind you that your course Write Texts That Sell starts this Friday. 😊 We're looking forward to helping you.

Do you have any questions before our first meeting?

Wow, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. They really care about their customers. I was deeply impressed.

- Thank you - I was barely able to speak.

- No fears. Everything will be okay - reassured me the voice from the other side. There will be a lot of positive emotions and inspiration.


- Dimi, what happened to you? - my father asked me after some weeks.

I was again looking myself in the mirror.

- What do you mean?

- You're glowing, my love. So happy to see you like that.

- I'm crazy in love, dad.

- That's news! Who's the lucky guy?

I leaned toward him, smiling from ear to ear and said: - The copywriting.

- Oh, wow. Didn't expect that.

- Me, too. I'm crazy in love with writing texts and offers that sell.


Since that happy conversation with my father, the time has just flown away.

I finished my copywriting course and other courses, as well.

At this moment, I'm happened to be sitting in the same room, in front of the same mirror.

Looking myself in the mirror. What do I see now? - 😊 A confident successful coach, with a steady stream of clients each month.

- Wow, Dimi. That's a big achievement.

- Yes, it is. I'm living my dream life with my passion and strength.

If I could do it, you can do it too.

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Sending you the sweet fragrance of positive emotions and success,

Inspiration from Dimi