Write to Sell like a Pro


Look yourself in the mirror and you'll see - an amazing coach, certified, is on social media, even has a website.

- I waste tons of time writing articles and posts.

- I’ve already spent a lot of money on ads.

- But I don’t get the results I want.

How to write texts and reach your target audience easier and more efficiently?

How to find new clients?

- I'm so tired. Even my tiredness is tired. 

Please, help.

Every month is a struggle. I want to finally have a successful business.

Increase the number of your paying clients with the power of the step-by-step program “Write to Sell like a Pro”.

❤️💰 Sell your products or services with the power of copywriting and storytelling.

No fear. A lot of positive emotions and inspiration.

And, yes - you will manage even if you do not know how to write to sell, because next to you will be a coach who will help you, inspire and support you.

At this point, maybe you're thinking:

- But Dimi, I even don't know what copywriting is.

Copywriting is all about revealing the main pain or desire of your target audience, provoking strong emotions and desire to buy.

- How fast can I learn it?

Practice is the key to success in anything. 

Write to Sell like a Pro program is divided into 12 weeks. 

The time for the bonus sections, however, is individual. Because everyone is different — with different fears and problems.

- Why exactly 12 weeks?

12 weeks is an intensive program. Each week is like a sprint race that does not allow you to “run out of breath”. But allows you to get quick results.

- And how can storytelling help my business? 

Storytelling makes people stop and listen. 

Today, so much is happening in our lives that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep someone’s attention.

Stories spark interest and provoke emotions. And emotions sell.

We are naturally drawn in exciting stories. Why don’t you invite your potential clients in a story that attracts them to your brand?

To involve, to build trust and ultimately to sell - that is the task of storytelling for your business.

- Dimi, tell me about yourself

Dimi is an Inspirational Copywriting Coach. 

A life and business coach with more than three years of experience. 

She makes you fall in love with copywriting and storytelling.

Dimi gives you the gift of positive emotions and encouragement. 

She is an amazing listener, thoughtful, and easy to get along with. Her strength is contagious, and she will literally not allow you to give up on your dreams!

- What is the difference between your program and similar ones on the Internet?

Dimi's experience in life and business coaching, as well as graphic design combined with Dimi's caring character, gives a special advantage to this individual program.

- So what will be in the coaching program?

Module 1: Building the Foundation 

You can't write texts that sell without knowing your target market really well. If your client doesn't see himself in your text, i.e. his pain, his fears, his dreams, his life situation, etc. he won't react to your post.⁠

Your texts should be a mirror of your client.⁠

What do your clients want and need? Not what you think, what they think.

This is not about you. It's about them.

As a result, you'll have the foundation for writing texts that your clients actually read.

Do not worry, if you still haven't found your niche, I offer you help.

I know how painful and even stressful it can be. It took me six months to find my niche. It was a long process in which I took many courses, work on myself inwardly and outwardly, did different exercises and a lot of research.

I feel it's my duty to spare you all of that pain and to shorten the learning curve for you so that you can FINALLY find your niche.

Bonus Module 1: Finding Your Niche

  1. Starting With Your “Why” (your purpose, values, passions)

  2. Niche Brainstorming 

  3. Niche Validation (Techniques for judging market demand) 

  4. Making Your Decision 

As a result, you'll find not only your soulmate niche but also your profitable niche.

Bonus Module 2: Building the Positive Mindset for Business Success

It includes a 30-day Challenge. Every day there will be a special task, which will help you manage your fears and build a positive mindset.

As a result, you'll be able to say goodbye to fear of not being good enough, what other people will say, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success.

Module 2: Copywriting

  1. Copywriting Secrets — Why people buy? 

  2. How to catch the attention of your reader

  3. Influence Strategies

  4. How never to run out of ideas what to post

  5. How to write sales pages, promo posts, series of emails, offers that sell + much more

As a result, you'll write texts that provoke strong emotions and desire to buy.

Module 3: Storytelling

 “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin 

The best way to get someone involved is through storytelling.

How can you sell without selling? 

You do not want to sell. Tell a story, it will do it for you.

As a result of this module, you'll write stories that attract your clients and inspire them to buy your services and products.

Who is this program for?

*Entrepreneurs and small business owners

*Painting Artists

*Coaches, Psychologists, Teachers

*People who want to start their own online business

Who is this program not for?

*Lazy people who are not ready to work for results

*Not committed to doing the inner work and the home assignment

Awesome, but ...

... I can not write beautifully

Copywriting is not about writing beautifully, but writing texts that sell.

... I can't write stories

That's why I'm here to inspire, encourage, guide and support you.

... I want, but there is no money

Is this not a reason to think about changing something?

... I don't have time, I'm very busy

If it's really important to you — to have more clients and build a successful business. If it's a real pain for you, then you will make the time.

What results will I get from Write to Sell like a Pro program?

  1. Turn your ideal clients into paying clients

  2. Sell your coaching services, courses and programs much more effectively

  3. Have more impact and more income

But wait, there's more.

As a bonus, you'll manage to go from paralysis to action, be more fulfilled and happier, because you will:

  1. Overcome your fears

  2. Receive a lot of positive emotions and inspiration

Great. And how much does it cost?

Write to Sell like a Pro is a mentoring program (copywriting + life coaching + business coaching). 

The monthly investment in it is 499 euros.


The mentoring program is individual. We'll meet on Skype every week for a 60-minute lesson.

Additionally, there will be video lessons, homework and feedback to it.

A Secret Bonus

If you sign up for Write to Sell like a Pro now, you'll get secret bonuses in the form of free e-books - 5 Ways to Use Storytelling on Social Media + Persuasive Headlines and Techniques for Creating them.

This offer is valid only for a limited time.

Apply now.

"Dimi is extremely nurturing and nourishing as a coach, I felt like I had a warm afterglow after each of our sessions. 

Her care, unconditional positive regard and her insightful comments all helped me to be a better coach myself, it was a first-hand reminder of the positive impact a coach can and should have” 

Fiona O'Connor, Ireland 

“Dimi's coaching has given me the push I needed. In a few short months, she moved me from paralysis to action: I'm now writing a travel memoir, posting videos on YouTube, giving my career a reboot, and doing all the things I was afraid to do.

Dimi is gentle but firm. She has techniques to help you expand your view of the world, face your fears, and get things done. Most important, she personalizes her approach to suit each client. She helps you identify your own goals and barriers, craft your own empowering messages, and set your own unique course.

Coaching sessions with Dimi are an investment that pays off tenfold. Go for it!" 

Gabriel Bauer, Canada

"Your engagement and attitude are contagious Dimi..." — 

Brian Tracy

Apply now.

P.S. If you have any other questions, do not be hesitate to write to Dimi

P.P. S. Yes, not everyone can conquer the ocean of writing texts that sell, but I will do everything so that you can. Here is my hand for you, hold on to it and I will lead you to the result. 

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