My Personal Story - What is a Hero?

What is a Hero?


A hero for me is someone who doesn’t lose faith, hope and love. No matter what happens, he is a hero. And not only does he not lose the main ingredients– faith, hope and love, but also he spreads them. The hero spreads faith, hope and love wherever he goes. He is a hero.


When I was a teenager, I lost exactly these main ingredients in life. I lost faith, hope and love. My mom passed away when I was very little. I was bullied in school and it was really a nightmare at home. I tried many times to commit suicide.


Then something happened…


My first hero appeared in my life.


That special person was my class teacher. Thanks to her, I managed to finish school and graduate university. She really became like a mother to me and I’m happy to say that we still keep in touch. She holds a very special place in my heart, indeed.


The next hero was the most important one for me. The next hero was my brother. At that time, I was at the university and quite confused. I was researching the different religions and trying to find the truth. That was the time, my brother went to study to the university, too. Once he brought at home 3 special books – Faith, Hope and Love. I have never felt before such warmth in my heart. When I read these books, tears were rolling down my face, liberating tears.


My heart was warmed especially by the last book – Love.

That was a pivotal moment for me, because that was the moment my heart felt the need to become a hero, too – to spread Faith, Hope and Love wherever it goes. Long before that, I was singing and creating songs, but now I made the decision to be a Hero not only in my music, but also in my conversions, in everything I do, in all of my life – to be a Hero.


However, I was like the walking dead when I finished the university. My dreams of being a hero were buried. My heart was asleep as I completed courses I didn't like and moved on to a miserable job and life. I needed another hero to wake up my dreams. That hero came in the form of a Leadership course - a course that has changed my life forever. I woke up from my deep sleep and started to work on my dreams at full capacity.


Along the way, I’ve had many obstacles, I’ve slipped and fallen many times, and I’ve stumbled to my other Hero – Brendon Burchard. His amazing energy and enthusiasm really fired up my desire to keep working on my dream – to be a Hero!


What is a Hero?

Someone who spreads Faith, Hope and Love wherever he goes.

To this definition, now I’ve added – Someone who is determined, patient and persistent on the road to his dreams.


Be a HERO for someone!