2 Ways to Become a Positive Person

How have I become a positive person and what are my 2 ways? :-)
Hi guys, it’s Dimi and Inspiration from Dimi.

Many of you know me a positive and cheerful person but it hasn’t always been like that.
Today, I’d like to share a little bit of my story of how I became a positive person.

Let me start off my story by saying that I had a difficult childhood. My mom passed away when I was little. And that was the moment everything changed for me in a very negative direction. I was bullied in the school. It was a night mare at home and I tried many times to commit suicide. I was pretty much in the negative back then.

The two ways which helped me to get out of that situation:
1. I stopped the negative supply which was coming from the TV and the news. Actually, that happened by chance. I don’t remember why, but we sold our TV set. And I stopped watching the news and all of the negativity altogether. Probably, that was one of the best things which could have happened to me at that time.
I’m happy to say that I still keep my digital diet and don’t watch the news and TV. In general, I’m very selective what I’ll read and watch.
That step alone contributed significantly to my positivity.
2. Since, I didn’t have the right environment in my real life, I searched for help online. I joined a very special, for me, FB page. Its name was something like – A Positive Quote of the Day. Every day, I read the positive quote of the day on that page. I made friends with some of the people there. We started exchanging positive messages on a regular basis. Basically, I surrounded myself with positivity online. Day by day, month by month, that activity started to build up.
These two things -
1. Cutting down the negative supply by not watching the TV and the news
2. Surrounding myself with positivity online
- helped me tremendously on my journey of becoming a positive person.
The point I want to make here – Pay attention to your virtual environment, too.
They say – You are the 5 people you surround yourself with in your (real) life.
But what about your virtual life? Especially nowadays, we spend so much time connected to the Internet.
What are the 5 people you communicate the most on the Internet and the social media?
What are the 5 websites you visit the most?
Why are you wasting your time visiting these pages, following, communicating with these people? Or maybe, you are not wasting your time? Think about it. Be honest! Honesty will set you free.
Are they positive or are they negative? Do they empower you or disempower you? Do they help you to move your life forward or are you simply wasting your time and your life? Think about it.
If you found my story and messages helpful, please, do share.
Most importantly, don't forget to be a hero - determined, patient and persistent on the road to your dreams. YES!

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