29 Success Habits

Every year on my birthday, June 28-th, I celebrate my accomplishments since the last birthday. I review all of the good and bad things and make a plan for the next year of my life. I do that process for the New Year, too.
Here, I’m sharing the 29 success habits that have helped me this year. I’ve had some health challenges at the beginning of this year and these habits literally saved my life.
Do you practice some of them, too? What are your success habits?
1. All of the success I’ve achieved this year is thanks to the Master Mentality. A big thank you here goes to my mentor Stefan James. The Master Mentality is much more than a way of thinking. The Master Mentality is a way of living.
2. No digital devices 2 hours after getting up and 2 hours before going to bed + one day on a digital diet. Does help a lot!
3. Creating a plan before using the computer, especially the social media - What I will do on the computer before I turn it on. Then I set mobile reminders, e.g. 30 min. Especially about the social media! My alarm goes off and says - Life is movement and movement is life. Get up, Dimi!
4. Being more productive and happier with the Productivity Planner every day
5. Drinking from glass
6. Doing breathing exercises
7. Oil pulling – That’s the way I cure my cold, stomachache and many other things. The oil pulling is good for your gum’s health and for your health in general.
8. No food and no digital devices – 2 hours before going to bed
9. Using my Swannies glasses - fall asleep quicker and sleep deeper
10. Being on a digital diet once a week (Worth mentioning this habit again!)
11. Going for a walk in the evenings
12. Taking the time to stop and enjoy the scenery, the songs of the birds – savoring the beauty, the magic of every moment
13. Living in Gratitude every day – The 5-min Gratitude Journal helps a lot for that.
14. The Gratitude is calling – my sweet mobile reminder every evening – sharing the gratitude moments from the day with my father.
15. Morning Ritual – taking care of my body, mind and soul – first thing in the morning
16. Creative time – every day – at least 30 min
17. Two hours a day working on my craft – developing my skills
18. Morning Ritual Mastery – together with my father – Doing some empowering activities together in the morning.
19. Applying the Pomodoro Technique in my work and study
20. Setting mobile reminders for my time on computer and social media – A game changer!
21. Being more organized with money
22. Reading a book per month about finances. Here to add the book that has changed my life this year. In fact, the only book so far that has really transformed my life – The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker
23. Praying, sending love instead of judging people
24. Reading from the Angel book every day for my spiritual development
25. Setting myself challenges – to learn, grow and thrive - such as the 90-days Morning Ritual Mastery, the 21-days Gratitude Challenge, the 30-days Emotional Awareness Challenge, Book Challenge, Video Challenge.
26. Talking on the phone every Wednesday with my aunt – developing my relationship with the people I love
27. Setting the intention to be kind and forgiving – You never know when the last time you see your loved ones is.
28. Listening to inspirational podcasts while I’m cooking. These days, I love listening to Darren Hardy.
29. Being very strategic with my study – Not getting distracted – the shiny-object syndrome and always going deeper! I know that the treasures don’t lie on the surface, but are hidden deep in the ocean.

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