Productivity Hacks

You have been given two gifts – your mind and your time. How are you using them?
Successful people - masters - use every day as a stepping stone for the next one.
Every day you should have actions on your list that move you one step up on the ladder of success, one step up on the path to the life you want.
Stair steps are not made for resting but to support you to climb up and reach your dreams.

Clarity. Action. Transformation

However, before everything else, you have to build the foundation. And the foundation is Clarity – Where do you want to go? What do you want from this gift called your life? What are you dreams? What are your values?
Clarity is power! Even if you had the fastest car in the world, it would be really difficult to drive in the thick fog.
And it’s good to create a vision for your life in all of the life categories that are important to you (e.g. Family, Friends, Finances, Career, Health, etc.)
After that you create a to-do list (better for every life category). But you don’t stop here.
You prioritize it. One of the ways to prioritize it is by applying the principle of Pareto – 20% of your actions lead to 80% of your results.
That’s how from a to-do list, you create a success list.
But you don’t stop here.
You apply this process again and again till you come down to only one action on your success list. Because the truth is that not all of the actions are equally important. Some are more important, and one of them is the most important of all. Your task is to discover it.
How do you proceed next?
Then what I do is to use the Productivity Planner.
I start off my day by deciding on my most important action for the day. That’s my focus. Until I finish it, everything else is a distraction.
I like to use the Pomidoro technique – 30 min focus, then 5 or 10 min rest (move, drink water, splash cold water on my face) come back and continue with another 30 min, then 5 or 10 min rest, then another 30 min, etc. Sometimes, it could be one hour focus, then five or ten min rest. It depends on the project I’m working on. For example, it took me two Pomidoros to write this article (one hour with 10-min rest).
I do everything possible to be productive rather than just busy.
Thank you for reading this blog post.
How do you organize your day? What are your productivity hacks?

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