Relationship Advice

Always Choose Love

You don’t know when the last time you see someone is. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Even the next seconds.

Just imagine, you fought, yelled, screamed at your spouse – Who’s right, who’s wrong? And the very next day, something happened and this person passed away. How would you feel?? Think about it.

Always Choose Love

Don’t label your partner. Separate behavior from the person. When you are not speaking to him/her, the only person you are punishing is you and your relationship. Think about it.

Always Choose Love

Get out of your ego. Operating from your ego is the worst place to be in a relationship. Love is not trading.

"See, I have done so much – dishes, laundry, clean-up". And she didn’t even recognize it.

Relationship is a place to give. Whatever you do, you do it not just for yourself, but also for you both, because you are a unit. You are one. Think about it.

Always Choose Love


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