What is life coaching?

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your emotions.
Your emotions are your life.
Negative emotions such as anxiety steal from your happiness, steal from your confidence, steal from your success. Many times you don’t take actions because of the emotional state you are in.

The role of the life coach is to help you break free from your limiting beliefs, break free from your fears, from everything that holds you back so that you can take actions and transform your life.
Before and After
No matter what you do in life your mindset is critical for your success. Same event – different reactions from different people based on their interpretations. You can go to the exact same event as someone else, but create a totally different meaning from it and therefore feel a totally different emotion.

A life coach helps you to move forward and to gain clarity. Clarity is the first step. If you go in a car and don’t have the address where you want to go, you’re lost. But if you know the country, where you want to go, the city, the street, the number… the more exact you are, the more likely you’ll reach your goal and the faster you’ll get there. Your goal will be much more powerful. You will be like an arrow thrown directly in the center of the target.

In most cases, procrastination and lack of motivation arise from having vague goals. And “Vague Goals Produce Vague Results”.
The more specific you are, the easier will be for you to overcome procrastination and lack of motivation, too. Clarity is power! Without clarity, even if you had the fastest car, it would be really difficult for you to drive in the thick fog.

The life coach should hold you accountable whether or not you are congruent with what you say you will do. Accountability is something essential in life coaching.

Emotions are contagious and spread in milliseconds. The life coach should inspire, motivate and energize you.
Coaching is 100% confidential and non-judgemental.

You can also consider your coach to be a friend. You are not alone on your path. We are a team.
The most important thing is the life coach should be living what he is preaching, to walk his talk, to be a role model.
Last, but not least, the life coach should challenge you. I don’t accept mediocrity. I always challenge my students and my friends, and push them to be extraordinary. So be prepared ;-)

Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future, and
you are worth it.
There is another level of success for you. Go get it.
This is your time.

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